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Q I have white mold in the pot. Is it okay to continue using it?


If white mold grows on the pot, this is an indication that the coating is damaged. 
Please immediately refrain from using it and get a replacement.

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Q Is it possible to cook without oil in a frying pan?


It is recommended that medium heat is used after having preheated it with oil seasoning in order to preserve the non-stick power

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Q What is the approximate lifetime of ceramic coated products?


Replacing the product after a certain amount of time is recommended
(3-4 years of use for pots and 1-2 years for pans).

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Q Is it possible to apply the coating for a fee after the end of the warranty period?


Re-coating is difficult due to the manufacturing process.
If a product error occurs within 1 year of purchase, product exchange & refund are possible.

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Q The coating peeled off and I consumed it with food. Is it harmful to the human body?


[Basic response]
The ceramic coating is made with ingredients that are harmless to the human body, so it can be used safely. 
Even when ingested, it is harmless to the human body.
However, if the coating is peeled off it may expose you to aluminum, for which we recommend that you replace the product immediately.

[In case of customer dissatisfaction]
1) Sending the report (Sending the test report for 197 hazardous substances non-detection)

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Q If the coating peels off, is it possible to recoat the product?


Coating is difficult to make with A/S due to the manufacturing process.
However, if the product is less than a year old and the coating is peeled off for reasons other than the customer's fault, we will replace it with a new product.

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Q Why does the color of the product change after cooking?


Cooking foods with strong seasoning, such as curry or red pepper paste, may cause the product to be stained so washing is recommended immediately after use.

※ In the case of extreme staining
(stains and food particles that have been left for more than 6 months), add 1 to 2 tablespoons of baking soda in water and boil lightly for stronger cleaning.
(Please refrain from using baking soda for regular cleaning as it will reduce the functionality of the coating.)

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Q Is this a problem with the coating?


Ceramic coated pans are a product with excellent thermal efficiency, and are recommended for use with medium heat.
Their non-stick power can be maintained for a long time by preheating them over low heat and using a paper towel with oil to season the entire pan before cooking.

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Q What is Xtrema-T technology?


The Xtrema-T coating method is the next generation ceramic coating method by Neoflam.
It does not contain perfluorinated compounds such as PFAS, and is the first innovation developed and applied specifically for pots and pans in Korea.
Every pot and pan that is applied with Xtrema-T coating boasts excellent durability and non-stick power.

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Q It's been a while since I've been using the frying pan, but the food is already sticking. Why is that?


Due to the characteristics of ceramic coating, the non-stick power may decrease when heated with high heat.
In order to preseve the non-stick power of the ceramic coated pan, please refer to the following usage:

1) Please season the frying pan before use.
*What is seasoning? This is when a frying pan is preheated over low heat with a thin application of oil with a paper towel.

2) Having good thermal efficiency, it is recommended to use the frying pan under medium heat.
It is recommended that medium heat is used after having preheated it with oil seasoning in order to preserve the non-stick power.

3) Use soft cookware made with wood or silicone to prevent any damage to the coating.

4) Wash the pan after cooling it sufficiently.
Sudden temperature changes, when done repeatedly over an extended period of time, can reduce its performance.

5) Wash with a soft scrubbing brush and mild detergent.
※ Alkaline detergent (baking soda) may reduce the non-stick power.

6) It is recommended to wash the pan with oil using a kitchen towel rather than frequent washing with water.

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